Analytics, Website Tracking & Reporting

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So exactly how many visitors does your website get? Where do they come from? How long do they spend on your website? How many click off after just a few seconds? How many download a brochure? How many make an email enquiry? And just how many of them call your business? Understanding this information about your website is crucial if you want to improve the effectiveness of your marketing.

We use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools together with an advanced call tracking system to track user interaction with your website and to make improvements where necessary. We also provide regular easy to understand reports on a monthly basis.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is great for understanding every aspect of your website and its performance in search. You can track all forms of advertising, set up testing and understand your audience.

Google Webmaster Tools
You can use Google Webmaster Tools to submit site maps, check crawl data, check for website errors and find out the latest information in search and incoming links to your website.

Call Tracking
Track every call from your website and link each call back to the keyword used to find your website. With call tracking you can do just that and then use the data to further optimise your online marketing campaigns.

Would you like to better understand your marketing and measure the effectiveness of your website? If so, contact us for a FREE consultation to see how we can help you understand your website visitors more accurately.